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Frequently Asked Questions



Q How do I know that I can trust the caregiver in my home?       
A Our staff is carefully screened.  We conduct state-wide and national background checks in addition to DMV and professional reference checks.  Many staff members have remained employed with Unicare, for several years.
Q Do I have any control over who works with me?                      
A If at any time, a client is dissatisfied with a caregiver, a new caregiver will be introduced.  We realize the importance of connecting with a caregiver.  Sometimes a compatible personality is required to build a trusting relationship.  Comfort and confidence is essential to the homecare experience.  The client makes the final decision regarding who will work in their home.
Q What if my caregiver is sick or unavailable?                                 
A We will provide a temporary caregiver, until the regularly scheduled employee returns to work.
Q What will happen if I require more care or a change in my service schedule?                  
A Unicare provides non-medical care; however, our staff members are experienced caregivers.  We can support many changes to individual plans.  Unicare will continue services for clients that are able to transfer or ambulate and require no more than one-person assistance.  Clients are able to change their schedule or service plan as needed, by contacting our office.  Case Management reviews and updates all service plans on a quarterly basis.
Q Will I be able to cancel scheduled service?                                                                                        
A Service can be cancelled at any time by contacting the business office.  We request that clients give the earliest possible notice, for the convenience of management and the staff team.


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